Software & Applications an new division called IPNetsoft

IPNETsoft is the leading software technology solutions firm specializing in the financial sector. Starting from Software development in PHP and Java , Web designing and Web development, Payment Gateway and Mobile payment, E-commerce, Open source solutions, Linux and Windows server administration services, and Mobile application development in Android and IOS platforms, We are also able to re-design, customizing complex software and application to meet simplify use and much more in early 2013.

We provide a Hadoop Big Data platform that uses mathematical analysis, optimization, inductive statistics, and concepts from nonlinear system identification to infer laws (regressions, nonlinear relationships, and causal effects) from large sets of data with low information density to reveal relationships and dependencies, or to perform predictions of outcomes and behaviors

IPNet also successfully implements Business intelligence using applied mathematics tools and descriptive statistics with data with high information density to measure things, detect trends, and design for government usage.

IPnet has Application Development teams (IPNetsoft) to provide application development tailor-made as customers customized applications, Middleware is also the infrastructure that facilitates the creation of business applications, and provides core services like concurrency, transactions, threading, messaging, and the SCA framework for service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications. we are strong in billing, bill payment switching, document management, and workflow including apps based on Android and IOS.

IPNETsoft now has extended its development into Cloud management,  Bill payment System, Switching based ISO 8583, Finance reporting, Social media integration, AdsGateway, Property management software, and Integration services, that enables to deliver system Provide IT Solution on your Enterprise to gain the highest strategic, financial, Operational, and Organizational automation system